The Shoreline Tech Cloud

What if you never had to purchase another expensive server again?


How Can the Shoreline Tech Cloud Help You?

Let us take the complexity out of IT. Shoreline Tech’s private cloud and hybrid onsite cloud solutions. We make it simple.


Hosted Email:

Every business depends on Email and Email Security. Utilizing Microsoft’s powerful Office 365 suite and Solarwind’s advanced spam filtering, Shoreline Tech brings together a cohesive Email Management Service entirely hosted in the cloud. No more costly Email servers, no more Email down-time and no more Email security concerns.

Hosted Email
Hosted Server

Hosted Server in our Cloud:

Investing in a server in the Shoreline Tech Cloud simply means that the physical aspects of your network are moved to our secure data center facility. This will free up office space, reduce electrical and cooling costs, reduce down-time, and introduce IT upgrades on the fly. Move to the Shoreline Tech Cloud and never have to purchase a costly server again.


Offsite Backup / Disaster Recovery:

Nearly 50% of businesses close their doors within 2 years following a total data loss event. Shoreline Tech has created a backup solution that ensures your business is protected from any form of data loss or significant down-time. You data is securely backed up to a local onsite appliance as well as our secure offsite data facility. Using this hybrid method of backup allows us to get your business up and running within hours of any outage.

Offsite Backup / Disaster Recovery
Virtualized Desktops

Virtualized Desktops in our Cloud:

Virtualized Desktops or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) for short, moves a user’s desktop environment to our secure data facility. Our fully managed system comes fully equipped with all of the software your users need and is accessible from any location, on any device. Virtual Desktops will decrease the amount of IT issues, increase user productivity and decrease the cost of the IT infrastructure for your business. All for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.


Applications in our Cloud:

Does your business rely on a beefy application that requires a server to run? The Shoreline Tech Cloud can host your important applications for you, eliminating the need for your business to purchase and maintain a costly server. All for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.

Remote Applications

Hosted Unified Communications:

Hosted Unified Communications (HUC) is a telephony service where your phone system is not placed in your office itself, but hosted in the Shoreline Tech Cloud. The telephones you use will communicate with the phone system over your internet connection. HUC brings up to 50% savings on your current phone service, Call Anywhere Features (including Android and iPhone Apps), Computer Integration and 99.999% uptime. Contact us today to learn about the full feature list of HUC.


Is Shoreline Tech the Right Provider For Me?

Not all IT providers are made the same. It is important for you to choose which IT provider best suits your needs. 



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