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Why You Can Rely on Shoreline Tech POS

Built by NinjaSoft, Supported by Shoreline Tech, Benefited by You.


Easy to Use Software:

NinjaSoft was built to require little to no learning curve for its users. Your POS software should be simple to use and easy to manage. NinjaSoft’s easy to use system will reduce employee training time and costs and minimize ordering errors – saving you money.

Easy to use Software
Flexible Hardware Requirements

Flexible Hardware Requirements:

NinjaSoft is a light-weight Windows-based POS system. It can run on anything from old desktops to POS terminals to tablets. Whatever your budget may be, Shoreline Tech will design a POS system using NinjaSoft that is both cost effective and reliable.


Integrated Credit Card Processing:

Save money with NinjaSoft’s integrated credit card processing. Through a strategic partnership with BluePay, NinjaSoft has been able to lower the processing fees for numerous small businesses across the country. Included with lowering your processing fees, BluePay will provide quarterly PCI-DSS audits to keep your business secure and safe from compliancy issues.

Integrated Credit Card Processing
Customized Loyalty and Gift Cards

Customized Loyalty and Gift Cards:

93% of Americans purchase gift cards every year. 72% spend more than the value of the card. Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards are mini billboards for your business. With Loyalty Cards you will increase customer loyalty, customer traffic and customer referrals. With pre-paid Gift Cards you will increase cash flow with the purchase of the gift card and the use of the gift card. All Loyalty and Gift Cards are designed and customized to your specifications.


Integrated Marketing Campaigns:

Managed Surveys, Direct Loyalty Marketing, Automated Promotional Incentives and Automated Email Campaigns. NinjaSoft has everything you need to stay in contact with your loyal customers, distribute customized rewards programs and reach customers that may be “drifting away.” Drive your business with low-cost integrated marketing.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Custom Features

Custom Features at Your Request:

We understand that not all business are the same and the needs of every business owner can be unique. If there is a feature you feel is missing from NinjaSoft (or any POS system), our developers are happy to work with you to make sure your POS system fits your needs.


Is Shoreline Tech the Right Provider For Me?

Not all IT providers are made the same. It is important for you to choose which IT provider best suits your needs. 



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